Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the website's internet address?

Q: What's included in the category of 'Jewish newspapers'?
A: For a detailed answer, see About the Site: Content-related Aspects of the Project.

Locating Relevant Publications

Q: How can the user know in advance what newspapers are available for a given language? (For example: what Hebrew-language newspapers are available on the website?)
A: The All Titles page includes a focused list of all the website's available newspapers, including information on the language of each publication.

Q: Is it possible to view a newspaper in one language with the help of an interface in a different language? (For example: viewing a French-language newspaper via the Hebrew-language interface.)
A: Yes, it is possible, but it is important to note that searches within each newspaper must be performed in the language of its publication. Thus, for example, the user may perform a search in Palestine Post (which is an English-language newspaper) using a Hebrew interface; however, in the search window of that Hebrew interface the user may only enter words or names in English.


Q: I performed a search in a newspaper and got 0 results. What can I do?
A: There are several things to try when a search yields no results:
  1. If you limited your search by type of information, perform the same search without that limitation.
  2. If you used a single quotation mark (') in your search, please remove it and perform your search again.
  3. For searches in languages which contain accent marks, it is recommended to include the accent mark in the phrase entered in the search window.
  4. Did you search for the correct phrase? Since the newspapers are historical publications, it may be that phrases and names have undergone changes with the passage of time. We recommend that you read the next page for additional information and suggestions on this topic.
  5. For advanced users: it is possible to creatively use the asterisk symbol (*) to locate phrases in which identification errors occur at the beginning or end of the entry.
Q: I performed a search in a newspaper and got a great many results. What can I do?
A: In order to decrease and focus your search results, we recommend you read the User Information page as well as the Search Tips page.


Q: When I print an article, the text appears cut off along the sides. How can I prevent this?
A: In such cases, it is recommended that you print crosswise rather than lengthwise. This is accomplished by choosing Preferences in the printing interface, and then setting the Layout preference to width (Landscape) rather than length (Portrait), which is the default option.

Paper Copies

Q: Do you possess physical copies of the newspaper?
A: For a portion of the publications there are indeed physical copies (the majority in microfilm) in the National Library and other libraries. In order to locate those physical copies, we recommend you perform a search in the Israel Union Catalog (ULI) using the newspaper's name.

Q: Does the Historical Jewish Press website have a service by which you send (either with payment or free of charge) printed pages of the newspaper?
A: The website has no such service. In the case of a newspaper which still exists, requests of this kind may be addressed to the newspaper's publishing house.

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